Moorlands Primary School



Here at Moorlands, Pupil Well-Being is a priority, which is why we have a dedicated Pupil Well-Being Policy. This is attached below for you to read. 

The policy works in 'Waves', with each carefully structured to ensure specific support. This starts at Wave 1-a whole school approach to maintaining and enhancing positive mental Well-Being to Wave 5, in which support is in place for referrals to external agencies. 

We have a Pastoral Team. Mrs Rachel Turner has a wealth of experience is supporting children with different pastoral needs, she has also had Counselling Training. Mrs R Freeman and Mrs H Woodhouse, are Youth Mental Health First Aiders. They have been trained to support children with specific Mental Health needs. Should you feel your child requires this support, please contact Mrs Amanda Denney, your child's class teacher or any member of the Senior Management Team. We will support you and your child. We have also included a link to recommended websites to support Well-Being and Mental Health: Well-being websites


We are also here to support families and will be providing further information shortly. In the meantime, you can talk to any member of staff about any concerns you have. We have also provided a link for support in the Community, this includes activities to maintain and enhance positive Well-Being as well as support in a range of areas. There is a wealth of services, information activities in our surrounding areas to support all the family. Take a look:

In our Community...