Moorlands Primary School

Week 5

This week we are thinking about: odd and even, greater than/less than/equal to and doubling:

Day 1

Odd and even numbers:

Use the odd and even 100 square to look at the numbers. Discuss why some numbers are odd and some even (even numbers are in the 2 times tables and end in either 0,2,4,6,8). Do you see any patterns?

Count out objects first 1 and then all the way up to 10/20. Think about what the number looks like. Discuss if it is odd or even.

Roll a dice, what number has it landed on? Is it odd or even?

Think about some numbers that are important to you, (e.g birthday, house number, how old you are) are they odd or even? Remember to refer to the 100 square if you are struggling as the numbers are colour coded!

Extension: sheet on magical numbers, colour the numbers that are odd in one colour and the even numbers in another.

Day 2

Doubling:    doubling song.

Discuss that doubling means: adding 2 numbers that are the same e.g    2+2    5+5

Find 3 objects and then another 3, what is the total? Repeat with different numbers of your choosing.

Use the aliens sheet and draw on double the legs. As an extension can you write a number sentence to represent what you have done?  e.g 4 + 4 = 8 / double 4 is 8

Day 3


Use the monkey racing sheet to try doubling as quickly as you can. You can use your fingers, counters, toys to help you.

Use the ladybird sheets to find doubles, count the spots to help with finding the answers. try this doubling game, you can choose how high the numbers go, all the way up to 100.

Day 4

Comparing numbers:

Using these three symbols: <  >  =     try out different numbers. Comparing them with the symbol in the middle e.g 5 <  8  or  

12 = 12. This year we have been calling these crocodile mouths and the ‘open’ side of the crocodile mouth faces the largest number. You may want to use the crocodile mouth templates to help you or you can just draw them.  game to try.

There is then a sheet, comparing amounts to have a go at. 

Day 5

Comparing number sentences:

Greater than / less than and equal to sheet to complete. Depending on how your child finds this activity you may want to just look at comparing numbers or you can extend them with the sheet that shows comparing number sentences. E.g 20 + 3 = 10 + 13    or   

 12 + 3 >  12 + 1.