Moorlands Primary School

Week 5


Paper weaving (video)

In the video, coloured paper is used but you could always use plain paper and colour/decorate it before weaving! To make the loom, fold the paper in half first and then use the scissors to cut into the folded side. Make sure you don’t cut all the way to the end.


Sock throw!

What you will need

  • Socks
  • Bucket/bowl

How to play

  1. Roll up the socks into little balls/fold them as a pair.
  2. Place the bucket away from you and set up a starting line.
  3. Take turns to aim and throw the socks in the bucket.
  4. You could take a step back after each throw or challenging yourselves by doing a backwards throw/throwing the socks under your legs!

As a challenge in the game, you could have more than one bucket/bowl and get assign points for each one e.g. the closest one is 1 point, the second 2 points and the furthest 3 points. You could then do some maths and keep adding the points together!

Traffic Lights

What you will need

  • Space to run around!

How to play

Choose someone to call out the directions:

“Red” – stop

“Amber” – run on the spot

“Green” – run

“Motorway” – sprint

“Traffic Jam” – jog/slow pace

“Roundabout” – do 1 full turn and then continue running

“Windscreen wipers” – use your arms to move like windscreen wipers

(Feel free to create your own actions!)

All the other players must listen and remember the actions for each word.