Moorlands Primary School

Week 5

Activity 1: Read the poem One, Two, Zoo! found below. Can you find the rhyming words in the poem? If able, print the poem out and underline/colour the rhyming words! Then can you think of other words which rhyme with the number words? Please see the example below. If you can, you could print it off to continue the list of rhyming words.

As an extra challenge, you could practise spelling the numbers as words as this is a Year 1 learning objective!

Activity 2: Can you make some changes to the poem using the new rhyming words you have gathered (please do not worry about the punctuation , : when writing the poem). Keep the first line of the poem the same. If you are able to, you can print the writing template saved below. If not, you could create your own animal border. Have a look at the example below for some ideas. 

One, one the zoo is lots of fun.

Two, two the fish is bright blue.

Three, three a monkey climbs a tree.

Four, four the snake slithers on the floor.

Five, five the dolphin does a dive.

Six, six the camel does some kicks.

If you want an extra challenge, you could continue the poem and create rhymes for numbers beyond 10 e.g. Eleven, eleven, the otters swim in groups of seven!

Activity 3: Can you draw some pictures of the funny things the animals are doing in your poem?

Activity 4: Can you learn your poem off by heart and perform it? You might want to use your pictures/some props in your performance or make up some actions to add to your performance.

Activity 5: Can you create an acrostic poem for an animal of your choice? Have a look of the example below. First, you will need to write the animal name down the side of your paper. Then take each letter in turn and think of an adjective beginning with that letter to describe the animal. You can be very imaginative with your adjectives and use silly ones too! Your acrostic poem does not need to rhyme. You might want to write down lots of adjectives and then choose your favourite one!

If you are able to, you could print the acrostic poem templates below. If not, you can easily make your own!