Moorlands Primary School

Week 5


Go into your garden or out on a walk and see how many mini beasts you can find. Complete the mini beast hunt or ask your grown up to help you complete a tally chart on the other sheet to total up how many of each bug you found. Sheets attached.  


Using paints can you make your own bugs. You could use potatoes to print them and then decorate them, you could collect some rocks / stones and -decorate those to look like bugs. You could then put them in your bug hotel that you have made in literacy. Click below for some ideas. 


Can you change the colour of a flower?

You could buy white carnations or even easier - Find a daisy in your garden / on a walk! Put it in a small cup / dish of water with some drops of food colouring in the water. Observe what happens over the next few days. Perhaps you could write a flower diary to record any changes.

Real life famous people

Can you think of any famous people, why are they famous? How did they get famous? Can you research some new famous people and learn some facts about them. For example; singers, sports people, prince / princess, actors etc.

Perhaps you could make your own game of guess who to play with your family.