Moorlands Primary School

Week 4



Labelling a plant

-          Draw and label the different parts of a flowering plant. Can you label the roots, stem, leaves, petals on your diagram?


Dissect a plant

-          Can you dissect a plant?  Find a plant either in your garden or find one on a local walk and pull the flower head apart.  Study what you find inside the flower.  Stick each part of the flower onto paper using cellotape and find out what each part of the flower does.   Can you find the filament, stamen etc?


Growing seeds

-          If you can get hold of some flower seeds (e.g. sunflower seed) can you plant it and care for it, observing what happens over the next few weeks?  Can you write a seed diary?  Try making observational drawing each week to show how the plant has changed.


Root investigation

You will need:

An adult, a clear plastic drinks bottle, a sharp knife or pair of scissors, baking paper, an iron and a garlic bulb.


-          Ask your adult to cut the bottle roughly in half with the scissors.

-          Get your adult to use the baking paper and hot iron on top of the cut pieces of plastic to get rid of all the sharp edges. (BE EXTRA CAREFUL!)

-          Fill the bottom of the bottle with water from the tap.

-          Turn the top of the bottle over and place it face down towards the water.

-          Then put the garlic bulb in the top part of the bottle.

-          Finally, watch how the bulb changes over the next few weeks and make some notes of what happens!

Have a look at this plants video to help with your Science plant work.