Moorlands Primary School

Week 4

Day 1

How I have changed?

Look at a baby or toddler photograph of yourself and talk to your grown up what you were like as a baby, what did you enjoy doing? To look at how have you changed? What can you do now that you couldn’t do then? Can you write down the differences from then to now.

Day 2


Look in a mirror and your face, can you do a self portrait. Look at the shape , features, and colours see if you can copy your face. You could use crayons, pencils. Paints or pastels.

Perhaps you could then use these skills to do a portrait of someone who lives In your house.

Portrait sheet attached.

Day 3

Aspirations for the future

Think about the different jobs that people have, what job you would like when you’re grown up. What will you need to do that? Do you know anybody with that job>What makes you want to do that job?

You could write down what you want to be. ’When I grow up I want to be… why?’

Perhaps you could draw a picture of yourself in 20 years time!

Day 4

Science experiment – What dissolves in water.

Have dome glass / plastic jars and see what materials dissolve in water, you can use any materials of your choices out suggested ones are:


A sweet




You could write your prediction ( what you think might happen) and then the results. See attached sheets.

Day 5

Handwriting – can you practise writing ladder letters?