Moorlands Primary School

Week 4

Phonics Activity

Please follow your phonics teachers’ week by week guide.




Day 1


Read or listen to What the ladybird heard

Day 2


In the story “What the ladybird heard” there are lots of rhyming words- can you write a list of all the words that rhyme. You might want to have a go making up your own rhyme too.

Challenge – match the rhyming words on the sheet

Day 3


The thieves 'crept' into the farm. Think of words which describe how people can move. Can you demonstrate each one (e.g. sprint, crawled, paced).Perhaps a grown up could video you.

Day 4


Create a 'Wanted Poster' to tell people about the criminals and their crimes. There is a template to follow if you need it.

Day 5

Show and Tell

Have you got an object or photograph linked to our topic this term ‘Bugs, Beans and tall Dreams’,

Can you prepare a short show and tell and ask a grown up to record it and upload it to Early Essence. Perhaps your grown up could even ask you questions about it.

                                          Additional challenges

·         Can you complete the rhyming activity sheet adding the rhyming words? 

·         Can you complete the book review  describing the different parts of the story?