Moorlands Primary School

Week 2

This week we are thinking about fractions:

Day 1

Fractions of shape:

Find some 2D shapes to draw around and cut out e.g circle, square, rectangle, triangle.

The shape is currently whole, now discuss that half mean splitting a shape into 2 equal parts.

Fold the shapes in half.

Colour one half of the shape.

Extension: sheet colouring in half the shapes.

Day 2

Fractions in half of numbers:  

Using; counters, cubes, lego pieces, any small toys, count out the following amounts. Then split the group in half. Discuss sharing the counters out fairly between 2 people (make sure to help the children by counting carefully one by one until they are all shared equally). Count both groups and make sure there are the same amount in each group.

8       12        4       10        6       14       20       16       2      18

When you have practised these together, word your questions like this:

What is half of 4?

What is half of 12?


Can you find half of 5, if not, why?

Jenny has 6 sweets and wants to share them equally with her friend Toby. How many would she have after sharing them?   

Day 3

Fractions of shape, quarters:

Draw around some circles and squares. Fold these in half and then in half again. Discuss the shape first being in 2 parts or half and then into 4 parts or quarters.

Some other activities you could do if you have the equipment: are cutting pieces of fruit into half and quarters. Cutting playdough snakes into half and them quarters.

Day 4

Fractions of number, quarters:

Using the same toys /resources that you used on day 2, find one quarter of these numbers (discuss how you are sharing them equally between 4):

4         8          12          16          20          24          28

If you can print off there are some sheets that focus on finding quarters.


Can you find a quarter of 10, if not, why?

Jenny has 20 sweets and wants to share them equally with her friends Toby, Jon and Evie. How many would she have after sharing them?   

Day 5

Half and quarters:

Use the fruit sheet, if you can, print it off and colour or circle the correct amounts for half and quarters.

If you are unable to print off you could use toys to represent the fruit or you could draw objects to represent the same number.

Use the picture sorting sheet to match the shapes the halves or quarters. If unable to print off you can just discuss or draw your own version.