Moorlands Primary School

Week 2

Activity 1:

With the help of an adult/older sibling, use the internet to find out facts about mammals. Think about how mammals are different to reptiles. You can then create an information booklet or poster about mammals. You can include headings, pictures and labels to include information. As well as interesting facts, you can use adjectives to describe the animals too.

Activity 2:

Can you write a list of mammals under different headings? Your headings could be African, Australian, Pets, Farmyard, or you can think of your own! Make sure to underline your headings and use bullet points in your list.

Activity 3:

Use the pictures of different mammals on the document below. Write sentences to describe each mammal. Write a heading for each animal and then use adjectives to describe it. Make sure to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. You can join your ideas with ‘and’ and try to use interesting adjectives!