Moorlands Primary School

Week 2

All resources can be downloaded at the end of this page. 

Science activity 
Try this 'Walking water' science experiment!
You will need:
• water
• Clear plastic / glass cups
• Paper towels / kitchen roll
• Red, blue and yellow food colouring
Put 7 cups in a row and put water in the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th cup.
Add 5 drops of red food colouring to the 1st and 7th cup
Add 5 drops of yellow food colouring to the 3rd cup
Add 5 drops of blue to the 5th cup
Cut the kitchen roll sheet / paper towel in half and then fold it
length ways and then again length ways. Don’t have it too long,
depending on the depth of your cup perhaps shorten the towel so it
is touching the cup at the top and bottom but not up in the air.
Place a piece one end in the 1st cup, going into the 2nd cup then
another from the 2nd to 3rd etc until you get to the end. 

See the attached pictures below.

While you wait for the experiment to take place (it could take a
few hours!) You could do the worksheet that goes with it.

Handwriting Activity
Can you work on forming your curly caterpillar letters. See the attached examples. 

History Activity
Can you find out the ages of the people in your family and put them in
order starting with the youngest going to the oldest. Perhaps you could
phone people in your family who don’t live in your home so that you
can include them too!

Science activity:
Go on a walk and do the signs of spring hunt.

Physical Activity:
Can you balance a soft object on your head and see how many times
you can touch your toes and touch the sky, then walk around a space
e.g garden, can you run with it on your head?