Moorlands Primary School

Week 2

In addition to or alternatively, you can use the White Rose Maths Activities for Week 2 linked to 'Night Pirates'. Click here.

Day 1 Activities
Number of the week
Can you guess the number of the week?
Number of the week is a two-digit number
Number of the week is less than 13
Number of the week is more than 10
Double 6 is the number of the week
                                                     Click below for the answer.
Can you practise writing number 12?
Can you find 12 objects?
Can you count 12 stairs or big steps?
What is one more and one less than 12?
Can you write a number sentence that includes number 12? e.g. 6+6=12, 13-1=12.
You could play a board game with dice. Double 6 is 12!

Day 2

Can you guess the shape of the week?
• It is a 2D shape
• It has 5 corners.
• It has 5 sides.

Click below for the answer.

Can you find or make the shape of the week?

Day 3

Activities Length/ Height:
Length: Could you find 5 objects and order the objects from the shortest to the longest or longest to shortest?
Extra challenge: Could you then go and find an object that is taller than or shorter than an object you have already got?
Please encourage your child to use the terminology of Long, longer, short, shorter when describing length.
Can you order your family members from the tallest to the shortest or the shortest to the tallest? Can you have a go at measuring how tall you are by using non-standard measure? You could measure using your hands or feet or by using an object. Remember when you have measured to say I am 10 hands tall.
Please encourage your child to use the terminology of tall, taller, tallest, small, smaller, smallest, short, shorter, shortest.
Extra challenge: Can you use house hold objects e.g pegs, paper clips, pencils, lego to measure the length and height of different objects? Can you record this by writing for example, The teddy is 4 pencils long.

Day 4

Activities Weight:
Begin by giving your child two different items to hold, one in each hand. Can they tell you which is heavier/lighter?
Click below for Day 4 activity. 

If you don’t have balance scales do not worry just continue with the activity to develop your child’s understanding of weight.
Please encourage your child to use the terminology of heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest.
Play Happy Camel

Day 5

Can you play the addition game on The Maths Factor

You may need a pencil and paper to help you or objects to help you count if not you could use your fingers or work them out in your head.