Moorlands Primary School

Week 1 and 2

The main basis of our Learning for the following 2 weeks is the following Design and Technology task, many tasks will link to this:

Design and Technology

Plan and prepare a meal with a family member. Think carefully about what ingredients you will need and how to make it.  If you can, we would like you to make it, eat it and write a review of your food.  Was it tasty? What was the texture like?  What score out of 10 would you give it?


Now that you have looked at a European City, can you now focus on Huddersfield?  Using what you know about comparative language, can you compare Huddersfield with the previous work completed on your European City?  E.g. The climate of Huddersfield is … whereas in Madrid, the climate is _____. The climates are different/the same because…

Vocabulary you may like to use: Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, equator, climate, continent, country, temperature, located,

Landscape, climate, population, trade, famous buildings / landmarks, oceans/other cities/countries nearby, general history of the city, identify it on a map, draw the flag of the country it belongs to and any other interesting information you find.

This can be presented in any form you choose e.g. PowerPoint, poster or written report.