Moorlands Primary School

Week 1

This week we are thinking about position and direction.

Day 1

Using the grid provided can you direct a toy car that you have at home around the board to the different animals.

Use language such as; left right, up, down, backwards, forwards, turn, clockwise, anti-clockwise.

Direct someone else to an animal on the map with verbal instructions and get then to do the same with you.

Challenge: make your own grid, drawing whatever pictures you want!

Day 2

With someone else in your family, make a tower/structure using Lego, Duplo, building blocks etc (don’t let the other person see it), then give the other person instructions to make the same tower as yours without showing them e.g I have put a red brick at the bottom and then a yellow one on top of that, next to the red brick on the left there is a purple brick. When you have finished reveal your structure and see if you gave some good positional instructions to your partner. Swap over and try again!

You could also do a drawing variation on this and create a picture for your partner to try and mimic e.g a face or a house.     

Day 3

Robots game –

1 person close their eyes/blind fold and be directed to different objects in a room/the garden e.g forwards 2 steps, turn left, forwards 5 steps, turn right, 1 step. In your garden you could create an obstacle course and direct each other around it and to different finishing places.

Challenge: Use language such as; whole turn, half turn, quarter turn, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Day 4

Follow the instructions on the ‘Animals turning sheets’ and place the animals in the new correct position.

If you are unable to print of the sheet you could draw you own versions of the animals and turn them following the instructions.  

Day 5

Follow the instructions on the ‘Directions in the city’ sheet.

If you are unable to print off the sheet you could draw your own map and use that instead.