Moorlands Primary School


Staying safe in the sun

Watch the BBC clip about staying safe in the sun


Activity – The Shade Game


In your garden identify areas which are shaded. Grown ups will then shout “put your toes in the shade”. You then have to run to the shade putting your toes in the shade. When everyone has his/hers toes in the shade, announce a new body part (ie: fingers, top of head, knee, foot, etc.) to put in the shade. Children should move to a new area of shade each time. If your garden doesn’t have much shade what could you do to make it shaded? Can you think why different parts of the garden are shaded at different times?

Pebble people
Collect some large, smooth, rounded stones. Show children how to paint them in bright colours. Apply a coat of PVA glue as a varnish and stick on googly eyes, crazy felt feet and hilarious hats! Let children think up names for their Pebble People. Can they paint some animals to be their



Chalks outside

Using chalks outside why don’t you play noughts and crosses or hop scotch. Can you think of a way to record the scores? Who won the most games?

Listen to the Summer Song

Write a list of the activities you are looking forward to doing this summer – can you put them into a song or poem?


Today is your last day in Reception – why don’t you celebrate by making a graduation hat and singing Reach for the stars the song from last week.