Moorlands Primary School



Beside the Seaside

Use the ‘Seaside holidays Now and Then’ powerpoint to learn about what seaside holidays were like in the past. Think about the clothes people wore on the beach. The types of entertainment that were popular in the past.


  • Complete ‘Seaside comparison: Past and present’ activity worksheet.
  • Create a picture, painting or collage to show what the seaside would have looked like in the olden days - use any media or materials you like!
  • Build a model of something you may have found or seen at the seaside in the olden days.


Mindfulness Doodling

Mindfulness patterns are created using doodling. Doodling is thought to have a lot of different meanings. Doodling helps us to concentrate. It is a time to help us think things through while physically doing something at the same time.


  • Use the mindfulness pattern activity sheet or create your own unique mindfulness pattern. Take your time and try to create a different pattern in each section. You could even colour it in when you have finished your patterns!