Moorlands Primary School



Can you make a paper plate Evil Pea? Use the ideas below.

Can you use some vegetables and paint to do some printing? Can you turn your vegetables into heroes or villains? Wait for the paint to dry and then add some detail.


This week we are looking at plants that we eat! Did you know that the fruits and vegetables we eat come from plants and trees? You could use the internet to find out more or get an adult to help you complete the worksheets on the home learning hub. Can you look around your home for different fruits and vegetables and sort them into groups. Do they grow in the ground, or on a tree? When looking at the fruit or vegetable do you think it is from the flower, steam, root or leaf? You could cut up a food magazine and sort the pictures into fruits and vegetables.


Who am I?

Why am I special?

What do I like about me?

Think about these questions and use the prompts on the sheets to guide you in thinking about what makes you unique.