Moorlands Primary School



Can you make your own Supertato? Look at these images for some ideas.

Can you make a self-portrait of you as a superhero? Look at these images for some ideas. You can use this to add to your writing on Day 5.


This week we are finding out all about trees. Can you use the tree labelling activity on the home learning-hub to name the parts of a tree? You could also use the tree sorting sheet on the home learning-hub to sort trees into deciduous trees and evergreen trees? You could use the internet to help you. How are deciduous trees and evergreen trees similar to each other and how are they different from each other? Next time you go for a walk see how many trees you can identify, using the tree identification card. You could create a list, take pictures, or draw all of the different trees that you find!



Why is sleep important?

Talk about why sleep is so important:

Watch this video -

Below are some yoga poses to help with relaxation and sleep. The website cosmic-kids also has lots of relaxing yoga videos, like this one: