Moorlands Primary School



Can you use the worksheet attached below and label the parts of a plant? You could cut at stick the labels in the correct parts. Can you explain what each part of the plant does? What is its purpose? Can you look at the plants in your garden or on a walk and see if you can identify all the different parts of the plant? Perhaps you could take a photo of what you find!


Use strips of coloured paper and pen/pencil or scissors to curl some paper. See the pictures below and the video demonstrations of some lovely flower pictures that you can make. Can you think of any more curling creations?


Many of us will have had different experiences from our time away from school. Can you write about something you want your teacher to know about? This could be something that you have achieved or something that has been really memorable while you have been at home. Start your sentence like this:

I wish my teacher knew

You could write it like a letter to your teacher or you could create a secret note! You could write it on a paper aeroplane, anything! Use your imagination! Feel free to send your teacher a picture of your message for us to read as we would love to hear from you.