Moorlands Primary School


Art – printing

Can you create a picture of Mondy, the hen from the story? You could use paint and explore printing, like in this picture. They have used a sponge to print the hen’s body. You could explore using other tools in painting e.g. toothbrush, fork. 



Art - patterns You could design an African necklace. In the picture below, they have cut out a paper plate and then used bright coloured paint to create a repeating pattern.





The story of Handa’s Hen is set in Kenya, Africa. Can you find Kenya on a map/globe. How far is it from where you live? How could you travel there? How long might the journey be? Can you find out about what Kenya is like? What is the weather like? What clothes do people wear? What food do people eat? How is Kenya different to where you live?


Animals and their Young

With the help of an adult, can you find out what a baby lion, zebra and duck are called? You can then choose your own animals and find out what their young ones are called. See the sheet below.