Moorlands Primary School



Look at the images below can your child look and describe the feelings in the pictures? Can they think of a time they have felt any of the feelings? Can you discuss how they are feeling at the moment? 

Can your child draw themselves doing something which makes them happy, excited, etc?


Can you speak to your child about germs/personal hygiene, then have a go at the why soap works experiment?  Can you discuss what happened?

 Activity - design a poster to put up in class showing how to wash hands / importance of hygiene.


Watch the inside out guess the feelings clip.

Can your child guess each emotion before the timer? Can they relate to that emotion?

Can they think of something they could do if they felt that emotion?


Can you have a go at the cosmic kids Disco Yoga?

Could you make up your own yoga routine? You could video it!

Can you practise the upper-case and lower-case letters?


Can you go on a bird hunt? Can you record the birds you find and where you spotted them?

Could you have a go at building a bird habitat in your garden?