Moorlands Primary School



Research and compare Huddersfield and Cairns, Australia.

Things to consider:

Landscape, climate, population, famous buildings / landmarks, oceans/other cities nearby, history of the city, identify it on a map, draw the flag of the country it belongs to and any other interesting information you find.

This can be presented in any form you choose e.g. PowerPoint, poster or written report. You could even make a 3D junk model to compare both. We did this for London ‘Now and Then’.
  • Practise sketching techniques creating texture and shading.
  • Sketch a pattern inspired by animal fur/skin. Turn into into an outfit if you want!
  • Sketch a nocturnal animal creating textures and using shading.
  • Design a home for a nocturnal animal. Junk model, design on the computer or use pencil and paper.