Moorlands Primary School

Star Writer of the Week

This week’s Star Writer is Olivia from Class 4P. Olivia wrote an amazing story about a magic potion, based on George’s Marvellous Medicine. She included expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, subordinating conjunctions and even some correctly punctuated speech. The vocabulary she used was fantastic and it was a super story to read. She loved reading it to the class.



This week’s Star Writer is Roya Abdullah from 3D. Roya has been trying exceptionally hard to include new ambitious vocabulary that matches the genre and shade of meaning of her writing. For this piece of work, we were trying hard to show the feelings of a character who had experienced a really bad day. Roya achieved this through her word choices and the way she linked her ideas together.


This week’s Star Writer is Jenson in 2W. He has written a fantastic description about what can be seen in the Australian outback and rainforest. He used interesting adjectives, commas for lists and expanded noun phrases. He also tried hard to include some joined handwriting too. Well done Jenson!



This week’s Star Writer is Jed Clark from 1P. 

He has used good adjectives to describe the forest setting as well as using ‘because’ to extend his sentences. Super writing! Well done, Jed!


This week’s Star Writer is Zahra in Dazzling Diamonds for her super independent firework writing. You used the sentence guide to write about what noises a firework makes. You sounded out each word and formed each letter beautifully. Well done Zahra!