Moorlands Primary School


The Human Body

A balanced diet

  1. Watch the BBC clip.

Now have a go at the sorting activity below the video clip.


  1. Watch the BBC clip below about balanced diets.

Now answer the questions below.

  • Why do we need to eat food?
  • What are the main nutrient groups called?
  • What gives the body energy?
  • What helps our body to grow?  Can you name any examples of foods that help with our growth?
  • What do vitamins C and D do for our bodies?


  1. Plan out a meal for one of the athletes below.  Choose different foods that would help this athlete with both with their performance and their recovery.  Try to draw or find a picture of the foods, label the foods and write sentences explaining what each food will help the athlete with.
  • footballer
  • outdoor swimmer
  • long distance runner
  • boxer