Moorlands Primary School

School Policies

The following school policies are available to view below.

Other policies are available by request at the school office.

  1. After School Club Policy.pdf
  2. Anti-bullying Policy .pdf
  3. arrival and departure policy.pdf
  4. Attendance Policy 2021.pdf
  5. Charging and Remission Policy 2022.pdf
  6. Child Protection Policy.pdf
  7. Cultural Capital Policy.pdf
  8. Curriculum Policy.pdf
  9. Data Protection Policy July 2022.pdf
  10. Disabled Accessibility Policy.pdf
  11. Educational Visit Policy.pdf
  12. Emergency Closure Policy.pdf
  13. EYFS policy draft 2021.pdf
  14. Equal Opportunities and Anti-prejudicial Discrimination Nov 2020.pdf
  15. Health and Safety policy 2022.pdf
  16. Homework Policy.pdf
  17. Invacuation and Lockdown Policy.pdf
  18. Keeping Children Safe In Education Sept '22.pdf
  19. Kirklees Penalty Notices.pdf
  20. Marking Policy.pdf
  21. Maths Calculation Policy.pdf
  22. Mobile Phone Policy.pdf
  23. Pupil Well Being Policy.pdf
  24. Remote Learning Policy.pdf
  25. RSHE policy April 2021 Consultation.pdf
  26. Safeguarding and Protection Policy.pdf
  27. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy .pdf
  28. Social Networking Policy April 2022.pdf
  29. Acceptable Use Policy for School Staff April 2022.pdf
  30. Acceptable Use Policy Visitors to the School April 2022.pdf
  31. Behaviour policy 2022.pdf
  32. Moorlands Complaints Policy September 2022 (1).pdf
  33. Drugs Policy 2022.pdf
  34. Fire policy and evacuation procedure 2022.pdf
  35. SMOKING POLICY 2022.pdf
  36. Intimate Care Policy- June 22.pdf
  37. Violent and Abusive Behaviour Policy July 2021.pdf
  38. Moorlands Online safety policy 2022.pdf
  39. Attendance Policy 2021.docx
  40. Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions 22.pdf
  41. Looked After Child Policy Nov 2022.pdf
  42. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy Nov 2022.pdf
  43. Attendance Policy 2022.pdf
  45. EYFS Policy 22.pdf
  46. Curriculum policy November 2022.pdf
  47. Equal Opportunities and Anti-prejudicial Discrimination Nov 2022.pdf
  48. Anti-bullying Policy 2022.pdf
  49. Homework policy 2023.pdf
  50. Behaviour policy 2022.docx
  51. Behaviour policy 2022.docx
  52. CCTV Policy.pdf
  53. Homework policy sept 2023.pdf
  54. Attendance Policy 2023.pdf
  55. Online Safety Policy April 2023.pdf
  56. Safeguarding AND protection policy Nov 2022.pdf
  57. Violent and Abusive Behaviour Policy 2023.pdf
  58. Social Networking Policy 2023.pdf
  59. MOBILE PHONE POLICY 2023.pdf
  60. Charging and Remission Policy 2023.pdf
  61. Pupil Well-Being policy 2023.pdf
  62. Asthma policy 2022.pdf
  63. RSHE policy July 2022.pdf
  64. Attendance Policy 2023.pdf