Moorlands Primary School


This week we are thinking about: time  

Please use the maths hub resources/sheets this week. These can be found in the Year 1 section of the school website.

Underneath for each day will be other activities that can be done.


Day 1

Before and after

Talk about a day in your life. It could be a day at school or a weekend day. What would you do first, then next, before, after, later, last?

Practise days of the week:

Practise months of the year:

Maths hub sheet 1

Day 2

Time to the hour

Use this online clock to help you:

As close to o’clock times as you can, discuss when things happen in the day e.g 12 o’clock – lunch / 7 o’clock – bed time

Use the online clock to show different o’clock times. Notice how the big hand/minute hand is always on the 12 and the little hand/hour hand is on a number.

If you have paper plates or paper to cut into a circle you could have a go at making a clock, cut out 12 numbers and place them in the correct place. Use to different strips of paper to make the hands on the clock face.


Maths hub sheet 2

Day 3

Time to the half hour


Use this online clock to help you:

Do the same activity as yesterday, this time recapping o’clock and then moving onto half past. Looking carefully at how the minute hand is on the 6 and the hour hand is half way in-between a number.


Maths hub sheet 3

Day 4

Writing time

Use this online clock to help you:

Discuss seconds, minutes and hours.

What can you do in 10 seconds? Try things out e.g star jumps, hops, writing your name.

What can you do in 1 minute? Get yourself dressed, make a drink.

What can you do in 1 hour? Watch some TV, go for a walk, play a game.

Maths hub sheet 4

Day 5

Comparing time

Have a race with a member of you family:

Who can get their shoes on faster?

Who can do 10 start jumps quickest?

Who can do 20 hops the fastest?

How long did these activities take? How many seconds? Which activities took the east amount of time?Which took the longest?




Maths hub sheet 5