Moorlands Primary School


This week we are thinking about: Money

Please use the maths hub resources/sheets this week. These can be found below.

Underneath for each day will be other activities that can be done.

Day 1

Recognising coins

Super movers money video:

Play this game that can be changed to suit your child’s needs:

Have a look at some coins if you have some. Discuss their value and how value has nothing to do with size! If you don’t have coins at home you can use the sheet provided. You can write the values under each coin on the sheet, thinking if a p for pence or £ for pound is needed.


Day 2

Recognising coins

Use this game to sort, order and count coins:

Maths hub sheet to support.

Day 3

Recognising coins

Make up your own shopping game where you use coins from at home (if you have any) if not the sheet provided on the website. Can you make these different amounts in the easiest way:

10p     15p     23p      50p        25p        18p    

Discuss how only certain coins exist so you have to think about which to use. These is no such thing as an 8p so how can 8p be made using different coins?            

Game to play:

Maths hub sheet to support.

Day 4

Recognising notes

Look at notes and if you don’t have any examples look at the sheet.

How many £1 coins are in each note?    How many £2 coins are in each note?   How many £5 notes would it take to make £20?   

Maths hub sheet to support.

Day 5

Ordering numbers

Use splat 100 square to aid in these activities:

Find a number bigger than:         7       12         35          81    

Find a number smaller than:    13      26      45       56       78   

Find a number between    17   and     23 

Maths hub sheet to support – ordering numbers