Moorlands Primary School


Day 1


Memories of your first year of school.

(sheet to complete)

Think about all the things you have done in your first year at school. What you have enjoy learning, your new friends, things you are proud of.

Ask your grown up, to load up your learning journey on Early Essence. How do you feel looking back over the year? Can you remember how you felt on your first day?

Day 2


Talk to your grown up about how you’ve changed and ask them to record you to upload to Early Essence.

Day 3


What are you looking forward to in Year 1 – what do you think will be the same / different?

Day 4


All about me Writing for my new teacher.

Can you introduce yourself to your new teacher – you could write all about your likes / dislikes. What you want to get better at / what you are really good at.

Today is your last official day in Reception. The activity today it to thing about all the things that make you happy and what you look forward to doing in the future.

Day 5


Complete the sheet by either drawing or writing “Things that make me happy”.