Moorlands Primary School


Day 1

Watch the Aladdin

or Cinderella

Discuss the story with your child.

Who are the characters?

What happened in the beginning, middle and end?

Was there a problem? Did the problem get solved?

How do you think each character felt?

Can they re-tell the story?

Day 2


In many fairy tales a character often asks for a wish. If you could make one wish what would it be?

Could you write down your wish? Could you draw a picture of your wish? You could start the sentence with I wish….

Day 3


If you had a magic power what would it be? What could you do with your magic?

Can you write down your magic power? You could start the sentence with My magic power…

Day 4


If you could go on Aladdin’s flying carpet where would you go? You could draw a picture and then write a sentence starting with I would go… you could extend your sentence using because.

Day 5


Could you think of your own fairy tale character? What would they look like? What could you name them? What would they be good at?

Could you create your own fairy tale character?