Moorlands Primary School


Day 1

Watch Jaspers Bean Stalk

Discuss with your child what happened in the story.

What happened on each day? What happened at the end of the story?

Day 2


Can you retell and sequence the story? What happened on each day? Which part of the story did you like best? You could write what happened on each day using the Jaspers diary template. Remember to start the sentence with a capital letter, use finger spaces and finish your sentence with a full stop.

Day 3


Can you draw what you think might be at the top of the bean stalk? Can you write a caption describing what you have drawn?

Day 4


Can you read the Jasper’s Beanstalk rhyme? Could you make up your own rhyme/poem around the story?

Day 5


Could you make a story map for the Jasper’s Beanstalk story?