Moorlands Primary School


Reading comprehension

  • Grace Darling comprehension. Choose the level of questions suitable for you (1 star, 2 star or 3 star) .

The ‘timetable’ for this week’s English teaching and learning is as follows

  • Day 1 – Listen to a reading of Clarice Bean: My Uncle is a Hunkle, written by Lauren Child. Recall the accidents and disasters occurring in the story. Select one of these and write about it, using conjunctions to link ideas in sentences.
  • Day 2 – Listen again to the reading of My Uncle is a Hunkle. Read a description of the Mum in the story and identify the nouns, adjectives and adverbs in the text. Pick a further character from the story and write about them using expanded noun phrases for description.
  • Day 3 – Listen to My Uncle is a Hunkle for the last time. Learn how to separate items in a list sentence using commas and the word and. Write imaginatively about what might be in Uncle Ted’s rucksack, using commas for lists and using the conjunction because to explain reasons.
  • Day 4 – Read an abridged version of My Uncle is a Hunkle and answer a set of questions about the story. Having read a postcard from Clarice Bean’s Granny, write a further postcard in reply.
  • Day 5 – Listen to a song from Mary Poppins; plan and write an email to an imagined child-minding agency; write a series of punctuated sentences that use commas to separate items in lists.