Moorlands Primary School


The ‘timetable’ for this week’s teaching and learning is as follows

  • Day 1 – Read the story: Animal Recipes and locate ‘bossy’ verbs in the text. Write sentences about an animal and their favourite foods, using because to explain suggestions.
  • Day 2 – Learn about the simple and progressive forms of the past tense. Locate examples of these in a short story and practise converting verbs in one form of the past tense into the other and vice versa.
  • Day 3 – Re-read Animal Recipes and discuss typical layout features of recipes as found in the text. Make something to eat. Write the recipe for the dish.
  • Day 4 – Read the poem Out of a Cloud by Richard Edwards. Locate rhyming words in the text and suggest and spell other words that rhyme with these. Respond to prompts and write sentences with conjunctions that explain what may have happened to a character from the poem.
  • Day 5 – Read the poem My Step-Dad is an Alien by Roger Stephens. Revise nouns and adjectives using the Hamilton PowerPoint. Identify nouns and adjectives in the text. Use expanded noun phrases to describe an alien family member.