Moorlands Primary School



Watch the Wishgranter film clip

Activity Ideas about the Video

Please pick and choose which activities you would like to complete. You can present these in any way you would like.

  • Retell the story from various points of view. 
    • The Wishgranter
    • The Money wisher
    • Either of the love wishers
  • Write diary entries for the various characters
  • Discuss what you would wish for and why.  
  • Write an explanation about how wishes are granted. 
  • Create thought bubbles for the people making the wishes. (You could draw the characters and add the bubbles to these)
  • Write dialogue for the two characters at the end. 
  • Explain what is needed in a Wishgranter's toolbox. 

Reading Comprehension- Spring comprehension. Please choose which set of questions you would like your children to complete.