Moorlands Primary School



Reading comprehension can be found below. 

All other English activities are based on this short film ‘catch it’

Reading discussion

Questions to ask about the film:

  • Pause the film after 56 seconds when all of the meerkats have come outside. Where are the meerkats sleeping at the beginning? How many of them are there? Why do you think they are sleeping huddled together? Describe the setting outside in three sentences. What are the meerkats looking for when they come out of hibernation?
  • Pause the film after 1:33 after the vulture has spotted the fruit. What does the fruit look like? How do you imagine it to taste? If the meerkats could talk, what might they say to each other as they stare at the fruit in the tree? Why do they hide as the vulture lands on the tree? Do you think the vulture is going to let them have the fruit? Explain your answer.
  • Pause the film at 3:44 when the vulture thinks he has won. How do the meerkats react to the vulture taking the fruit? Which sport does their formation and actions remind you of? Explain how they work as a team to retrieve the fruit. Think of five words to describe the how the vulture moves.
  • At the end of the clip ask... What happened to the fruit? How? Who do you think won?

Note: there are no answers for these discussion questions.


Please pick and choose which activities you would like to complete. You can present these in any way you would like.

  • Tell the story from a meerkat's point of view. 
  • Describe the beautiful setting of the African plains. 
  • Create some dialogue between the meerkats at various points in the film. 
  • Write a persuasive letter from the Meerkats to the vulture asking for the return of the fruit.
  • Create a list of verbs which happen in the clip. Verbs are often action words. They can describe physical actions and mental actions. You might need to watch the clip again.
  • Using the list of verbs create a verb poem (see example below)

Creatures sleeping,

Animals cuddling,

Mouths yawning,

Tummy rumbling,

Food searching,

Meerkats hiding,

Everyone chasing,

Fruit throwing,

Vulture flying,

Meerkats catching,

Cliff approaching,

Bird crashing,

Fruit splitting.