Moorlands Primary School


·         There are lots of videos on National Geographic Kids called ‘What Sam Sees’ which you could watch to learn about different fish and other underwater animals. You can find lots here. 

·         Can you write a list of animals that live/swim underwater that are fish? Can you write another list of animals that live/swim underwater that are not fish? You could use bullet points for your lists. Are you surprised with some of your findings? You can use these videos to help: Facts about fish  and Fish or Not a Fish. You could also use the internet with the help of an older sibling/adult to help with your lists.

·         Can you draw and label a picture of a fish? You can choose whichever fish you like! Make sure you write labels for the following words – fin, gills, tale, scales and be sure to use a ruler/straight edge to make your label lines nice and neat!

·         Choose 2/3 (or more!) fish to write interesting facts about. There are some ideas on the home learning hub. Make sure you use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. You can use headings for each new fish. Make sure to use key words – fish, gills, fin, tail, vertebrate, cold blooded, prey, predator, habitat, carnivore, omnivore, herbivore.