Moorlands Primary School

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Moorlands Primary School

Moorlands Road

Tel:  01484 655800

Headteacher Mrs A Denney

Office Staff for


Mrs L Kempton
Mrs A Dean
Mrs K Horsfall

Mrs J Johnson

Mrs R Ali


Miss G Flint

Mrs G Krol

Mrs S Walker (maternity leave)

We have an open door policy and will endeavour to deal with any issues arising. If you wish to take any complaints further, please refer to our full complaints policy on our school policies page.

Class teachers can be emailed directly, see the list below. Please note that any urgent enquires, that require a same day response must go via the office email or telephone number above. 

You can also contact Class Teachers via the Seesaw family app. If you require a code for this, please email

Reception                                                     Year 1                            

Year 2                                                              Year 3                               

Year 4                                                              Year 5                           

Year 6