Moorlands Primary School

Getting settled

Wow! These children have settled so quickly!

We have been so impressed at the emotional resilience of these super children you have sent us, families. They are little smashers, and have settled into school routines so well already!

While we keep to our class bubbles, wash our hands a lot and try hard to work and play in our own space, lots of new learning is going on, and the staff are quickly finding out what the children already know and what their next steps need to be. We are working hard on our Phonics (learning letter sounds) and basic Maths, and are practising writing our names and some numbers. We are learning to share resources, take turns, and get coats and clothes under control for playtimes and PE (always a voyage of discovery for us in Reception!), and finding out about school dinners; eating with knives and forks in the big hall, socially distanced with 90 other children!

It is such a lot for your little people to take on, and they are doing so with growing confidence and a positive attitude. We are already hugely proud of them!