Moorlands Primary School

Week 5

Day 1


Number of the week

Can you guess the number of the week?

Number of the week is a two-digit number

Number of the week is double 5

Number of the week is half of 20

Number of the week is one more than 9

Number of the week is one less than 11

            Scroll down for the answer! 


Can you use the part whole model to make 10?

How many ways can you make 10?

Can you make a repeated addition to make 10? E.g 4 + 4 + 2 = 10?

Can you make 10 by doing a take away e.g 15 – 5 = 10?

Day 2


Can you guess the shape of the week?

  • It is a 2D shape
  • It has 4 corners.
  • It has 4 sides.
  • Two of the sides are long.
  • Two of the sides are short.  

Scroll down for the answer.  


Join in with this shape songs and try this shape song too. 

Can you make up your own shape song?

Day 3

Activities pattern: Click the document below for today's activity. 


You could have a go at making your own pattern or by using the pattern work sheet on the school website.

You could have a go at the pattern game:

Day 4

Activities pattern:

You could go on a nature hunt in the garden or during your daily exercise. Your child could collect natural resources e.g long/short sticks, dandelions, daisies, leaves, pebbles. They could arrange their natural resources into a pattern, it could be in a straight line or around an object e.g a hula hoop.

You could play this pattern game:

Day 5

Activities pattern:

Pattern can be developed using sound and movement.

You could play either of the below songs and see if you can make a pattern up with your body e.g clapping your hands then patting your knees.

Can you make up your own pattern song?

You could draw or paint a pattern.