Moorlands Primary School

Week 4

Day 1


Number of the week

Can you guess the number of the week?

Number of the week is a two-digit number

Number of the week is 2 less than 25

Number of the week is 1 more than 22

Number of the week is double 10 then add 3

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Can you practise writing number 23?

Can you count 23 objects?

Can you find different ways of making 23?

Day 2


Can you guess the shape of the week?

·       It is a 3D shape

·       It has 0 corners.

·       It has 2 sides.

·       It has 3 faces.  

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Can you find any cylinders in your house or in your outdoor environment?

Day 3

Activities Estimating:

Estimating is looking at a group of objects and having a good guess of how many are there without counting. It helps your child to visualise the concept of number.

To help your child gain an understanding of estimating you could get a group of objects let them have a quick look and then guess how many there is in the set of objects. You can then check by counting each object using one to one counting.

You can use the images provided or count different amounts of objects.

The following questions may help your child develop an understanding of estimating and help them to reason their answers:

What do you notice?

How many can you see?

How many do you think there are? Why do you think that?
Will it be more or less than 20? A lot more/less? Or a little more/less?
Will it be between 15 and 20? A little or a lot more than this? Or less than this?
How many can you see? How many do you think are hidden?
Was your guess more or less than the actual count?
Was your guess very close/way out? Why do you think that was?

Day 4

Activities Estimating:

This is an estimation activity

Using unifix cubes, paper clips, dried pasta, lego (counting objects) or something similar, ask your child to estimate how many counting objects I could fit in to my shoe, can your child estimate and then find out?

They could then try their own shoe and estimate how many counting objects they could fit in their shoe, record it and then fill their shoe with the counting objects and then count them. Then compared to their estimate to see how close they are.

This activity could easily be extended using other everyday objects.

Can you play the estimation game? Remember to have a good guess before counting!

Day 5

Activity: Subtraction

Can you practise subtraction using this game?

You could use objects, your fingers or a number line to work out each subtraction.