Moorlands Primary School

Week 4

Science – Living Things and their Habitats Week 4

In this lesson you will be thinking about the impact of human beings on the environment and how we affect habitats.

1.     Write down your own definition of a habitat – and then look it up in a dictionary or online.

2.     Think about the area around your house and list 6 different habitats inhabited (lived in) by animals and/or plants.

3.     Write down what you think about the following statement:

“Human being are unique because we can make big changes to our habitats to make sure that we have everything that we need. For example we build roads for speed of transport; we pipe fresh clean water to our homes to use for drinking, cooking and washing; we build houses for shelter and to protect us from weather; and we grow plants and farm animals for our food. Plants and animals are not able to make such big changes to their habitats, relying on their environment to give them everything that they need. This means that when habitats are changes by us, this can be very dangerous to the plants and animals that live there.”

4.     Watch the following videos and then carry out more research of your own – thinking about the bad impact that humans have on environments and then about what and how changes can be made to make improvements.

CHECK with an adult before watching the YouTube videos.

5.     Your main task is to think of a way of answering this question:

What can humans do to develop, protect or improve environments for plants and animals?”

You could present your thoughts in a number of ways, here are some suggestions, you could pick ONE of them, or you may have another idea that would work for you.

·        Look at the areas near to your home and write to your local councillor to make suggestions for improvement. You may or may not decide to actually send the letter!

·        Write a list of ways that you and your family can improve the environment in and around your home. Make sure that you would actually be able to do the things listed. Persuade the adults at home that your changes are needed – and then start making the changes!

·        Make a PowerPoint presentation to make suggestions and persuade our Moorlands School Council about what we need to do to make positive impacts on the habitats in our school grounds.