Moorlands Primary School

Week 3 and 4

Year 4 French 

Bonjour! Ça va?

This half term we are learning the French Alphabet. This will help us to be able to spell words in French. It could also be used if you are in France, for example to spell your surname or address when arriving at a hotel.

We would suggest doing these activities in order, as they build in difficulty.

1.       Use the following websites to help you to learn how to say each letter in French. 

  This is a YouTube video – please check with an adult at home before going on.

There are lots of different ways of phonetically spelling (in English) how to say the letters of the French alphabet!

This example is a fairly common one.


Could you produce your own poster to help you to learn the pronunciation of the letters?

2.     Learn the following song.  Could you teach it to someone else in your house?   


Can you translate the last lines of the song?

Maintenant je les connais, toutes les lettres de l’alphabet.