Moorlands Primary School

Topic and Writing


Writing focus: Non-Chronological report

Use the powerpoint ‘Writing a non-chronological report’ to learn about the features of one.

Use the following to create a non-chronological report on The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings:

•        Read the history flip book about the Anglo Saxons.

•        Discover what life in an Anglo-Saxon Village was like by watching the clip:

•        How was Anglo Saxon Britain ruled?  Go to BBC bitesize and read the information on the following link:

•        Who were the Vikings? Read the information on the powerpoint to find out.

•        How ‘Great’ was Alfred? Research and record.

•        Danelaw – Use the internet to research Danelaw.

**Can you complete Jayden's wordsearch below? Send your teacher an email and let them know if you did!**

Poetry - Kennings

Create a Kenning poem about a character from Beowulf.

See Kenning task document on the website.