Moorlands Primary School



Healthy Humans!

This week in science we want you to;

Use the ‘Healthy eating’ and ‘Food groups PowerPoint to learn about the different food groups and the importance for your healthy. The ‘food groups’ PowerPoint also gives a brief insight into world diets.


  • Design your own poster to show the different food groups
  • Keep a food diary for the week
  • Sort the different foods into the correct food group


Who is Grace darling?

Use the PowerPoint to find out about Grace Darling.

Who was she? And why is she so significant?

Can you find out what happens today if a ship is in trouble? How did Grace Darling influence the expansion of sea rescue? Use the RNLI link to find out about the beginning of sea rescue and how it has changed.

  • Create a fact file about Grace Darling and how she made history


 Take some time each day to have a go at the brain break breathing exercises.