Moorlands Primary School


The following Topic Tasks are for the weeks beginning 20th April and 27th April. We will be alternating betweeen Geography and French. 

Geography – Mapping Skills (Further tasks in weeks 3-4)

You would be better to do these tasks in order, as they build on skills each time.

Task 1: Watch the video clips to help you to understand how to ‘read’ 4 figure grid references. Remember to check with an adult before watching YouTube clips.

Then look at the document Task 1 4 figure grid references.  Either print it off or draw your own copy. Complete the tasks given on the sheet.

Task 2: Look at the pdf map OS Map of Huddersfield Year 4 Task 2. Find 10 different map symbols and write down firstly what they are and then give their 4 figure grid reference.  To help you with the symbols use the following website or use the document OS Explorer Map Symbols.


For example 1.      is a golf course in square 10 14.