Moorlands Primary School

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Please practise the Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words. These are non-negotiable spellings. Aim for a focus on 3 a week. You could write a definition for some of these words. You may want to put them into sentences.

Task 1

Insert the correct punctuation into the passage below. Use this as a handwriting exercise also. Write it out in neat, joined script with the correct punctuation.

he climbed over a pile of branches making his way towards where abby pointed as he continued to search his mind raced wondering exactly how much damage the earthquake had done what about mum and dad had they made it into town already or were they still in the car when the quake came mum couldnt walk and dad couldnt carry her through this mess what would they do

Task 2

Complete the attached homophones sheet. You can do this verbally, handwritten, typed or printed. 

Task 3

Take each of the sentences below and write them out again including adjectives, adverbs, a subordinate clause (starting with a subordinating conjunction) and/or a fronted adverbial.

e.g. The wind blew through the trees.

Yesterday afternoon, the howling, blustery wind blew fiercely through the tall trees while the rain poured down.

1.       The cat purred.

2.       The children played football.

3.       An ant carried a leaf.

4.       A girl skipped across the playground.

5.       A boy sang a song.