Moorlands Primary School



Your child has brought home 2 reading books that they have chosen from school. They may of course choose to read their own books from home.

Please ensure your child reads for at least 20 mins each day.

Reading objectives to focus on when discussing texts with your child:

·         To explain the meaning of words in context.

·         To ask relevant questions to improve my understanding of a text.

·         To infer meanings and begin to justify them with evidence from the text.

·         To predict what might happen from details stated and from the information I have deduced.

·         To identify where a writer has used precise word choices for effect to impact on the reader.


Your child has brought home 4 English comprehensions to work through over the next 2 weeks.

Poetry Task

Read and learn from memory the poem below (or you may choose your own if you wish). Think of actions for your poem and be prepared to perform your version of the poem to the class when we return to school.

Elephant Sleepover

An elephant came for a sleepover

And jumped into my bed

I never saw him coming ‘til

He landed on my head

So now my head is flattened

My bed is broken too

And as for Mr Elephant?

He’s gone back to the zoo

By Conrad Burdekin