Moorlands Primary School


Please complete the following activities. 

We would recommend that your child completes one maths task a day: 

Week Commencing: Monday 23rd March 

Monday - Time (revision)

Tuesday - Timetables (revision)

Wednesday - Arithmetic 

Thursday - The mean (revision)

Friday - Statistics (revision)

Each day, we would recommend that your child uses the following structure:

1. Complete one 10-minute Maths SATs Buster. 

2. Complete the Mymaths learning screens related to the topic. 

3. Complete the booklet of questions. 

4. Self-mark the booklet of questions using the provided solutions. 

Should the recommended maths be completed, this work should last for 1 week. 

Week Commencing: Monday 30th March

This week, the focus in Maths is Ratio. White Rose Maths Hub have produced a series of lessons each with a video, activity sheet and answer sheet. Please follow the link below to access and complete. Please note: you do not have to print the activity sheets, you could view online and record your answers in your home learning exercise book.

Monday - Lesson 1: Using ratio language 

Tuesday - Lesson 2: Ratio and fractions 

Wednesday - Lesson 3: Introducing the ratio symbol 

Thursday - Lesson 4: Calculating ratio

Friday - Lesson 5: Using scale factors.