Moorlands Primary School

Lesson 3

Create your own Mythical creature

Activity 3

Having watched a selection of myths one common character most of them include is a mythical creature. Have a look through the examples and find out all about the different types.

Your Task:

Can you create your own mythical creature?

We would like you to draw or paint your own mythical creature. Be as creative as possible, give your creature a name (remember to keep it unusual). Also, can you write a brief description of what your creature does, for example can it fly? Does it have snakes in its hair that can poison you?   An example description is included for you below.

We look forward to seeing your brilliant creations!

Scorch is a hug lava monster that torments volcanic cities (cities that live near volcanos). Covering his whole rough body, are huge crumbling boulders that stack up to form a huge arching back. As he builds with rage, these rocks begin to pulsate and glow a dark orange. With arms like an ape, he smashes his huge fists down to the ground - sending reverberations along the splitting floor. Occasionally, chunks of his rocky flesh fall, like lava bombs to the helpless plants below, which instantly ignite into furious flames. Balanced on top of his muscular shoulders are two ominous heads.  Burning and smouldering, his eyes glare like four scorching suns - that could burn your very soul. His jaw drops and spews liquid scorching lava onto innocent civilians below, when his rage becomes incontrollable.

Unfortunately, he has a temperamental personality due to his burning core. His mood can fluctuate at any moment, depending on the situation. During the night, he is calm and relaxed because the noise from above the ground is limited. However, once day arrives and the city awakens, the hustle and bustle of the civilians and their stomping feet on the ground irritates him. This makes him heat up with anger; raise his temperature; produce ash clouds from his ears and spew lava down towards the population.