Moorlands Primary School


English Task one

Read the book ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ on the publisher document provided. As you are reading have a look at all the different features of the dragons (see example pictures of dragons to help).

Your task will be to write a description of what your dragon would look like if you were to create one.

Firstly, you need to plan what you are going to include in your writing by filling out a planning sheet which will help you to think of some spectacular ideas (see planning sheet).

There is a word map with a bank of vocabulary to help you and word mat of the different colours your dragon could be.

English Task Two

Having completed your planning sheet, you are ready to write about your magnificent dragon. Be creative and make sure you include lots of detail using exciting vocabulary.

Look at the examples on the power point and the one below. You will be writing your description in first person for example: My dragon has fierce, sharp teeth.

No dragon is more ferocious or feared than the Monstrous Nightmare. This gigantic dragon is larger than a village and has an extending, snakelike neck, and tail, which are covered in crimson scales and long, sharp spines that can pierce any armour. The Nightmare's vast head and mouth are so large it can swallow men whole. Its emerald eyes are greener than the soft grass on the mountainside and as evil as a nightmare. It is highly aggressive, often found baring its teeth, and will never run from a fight. Its fire is thick, choking and tenaciously sticky, clinging to walls and running down hills like a flaming river.