Moorlands Primary School


We have included a Reading Comprehension below. Just choose 1 version

Click on the link to go to the picture inspiration for this week’s English work.

Activity ideas about the picture

Please pick and choose which activities you would like to complete. You can present these in any way you would like.

  • Describe what it feels like to be caught in a storm, think about a time you have experienced bad weather.
  • Use the story starter and continue the story, think about developing characters, dilemmas and resolutions:

The storm had been raging for hours. Like a besieging army tormenting an enemy’s ramparts, the waves battered on the lighthouse walls.

A group of men huddled in one of the cylindrical shaped rooms, flinching every time a wave rocked the lighthouse. Their hearts were in their mouths with every devastating blow: they half expected the walls to come tumbling down at any moment.

They turned their heads and listened to the sound of the storm. What they heard was truly terrifying…

  • Non-fiction - Report

Research and present about extreme weather types pick one or two from these examples:

|Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tsunamis, Blizzards, Floods.

Where in the world do they happen? Why / how do they start? What damage have they/can they cause? What is being done to protect us?